Inquire by phone and check website often for classes & ongoing events. Some of these things may indeed be able to happen and still social distance.

Annual Fundraiser

Every year, St. Francis Prayer Center holds its annual fundraiser. This event helps us achieve the necessary funding for continuation of our various ministries and remain a spiritual presence in our community as well as providing help for those who are less fortunate.

Event photos coming soon.

Other Special Events

2022 Annual Fundraiser – Save the Date!

Flint Town – Rising Up!

Saturday, October 1, 2022, 6:00pm to 10:00pm

This is a live event & will be held at the Flint Farmers’ Market in downtown Flint (300 E. First St.).
Tickets are $100 each – each ticket allows 2 people to enjoy hors d’oeuvres. Grand Prize is $5,000*; 2nd Prize is $500.
*If 300 tickets or less are sold, Grand Prize will be $4,000. There will be cocktails, drawings, and dancing. Seating is limited to 300 people at a time. Come and enjoy!

Flint Town – Rising Up!

The Revival Dream

Old Fashioned Revival

Old Fashioned Revival

Long after my original interviews with the SFPC Board in early 2011, I had a most unusual dream. The location was the Prayer Center. There were many different Pastors and Prayer Team people ministering to various persons, and children getting painted faces everywhere you looked. Music was lively and everyone was eating something! I heard the words repeated, “feed my people.” Again and again those words kept coming back to me. When I awoke I was quite perplexed. By that time Sr. Ruthann had been hired, and I had not thought of the Prayer Center for many months. Fast forward to September 2012.  In an unexpected turn of events, the Board asked me to take the Directorship of the Center. The following summer (2013) we brought the dream to life. The Holy Spirit then clarified for me that ‘feed my people’ meant in all kinds of ways. Literally with food, compassionately by listening, spiritually by praying for them, joyfully in play and fun for the whole family. God had a plan for His people and what a plan it was!!
Director Deb

Old Fashioned Revival

Old Fashioned Revival

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Thanksgiving and Christmas ADOPT a Family

As most of us understand, the holidays can be the most difficult time for some families.  We do our best in North Flint to bless local families with food and gifts at this time of year.  Thanks to the generosity of donors throughout the year, we are able to serve this need.

We need lots of volunteers for this mission!


Thanksgiving and Christmas Adopt-a-family Donations Adopt-a-family Donations