Spiritual Direction is provided by appointment, off site and at SFPC.

Pilgrims’ Way

Pilgrim’s Way

Bible Studies include but are not limited to:

Pilgrim’s Way: 6-month course study on foundational relationship with God & Self & Community. A formational and foundational course that teaches practical living within a Spirit Filled Christian Life.

Shepherd’s Group 1 & 2: Each 3-month study is focused on healing and is a follow-up to the Pilgrim’s Way classes. This is a personal and deep search of ones’ most intimate relationships (starting with God) and working through the healing needed for a full life.

Jesus Course: A 3-month study in understanding Jesus as Lord, Savior, Brother, Lover and Friend. “I no longer call you slaves, but friends.” – John 15:15

Garden Memorial

Garden Memorial

Many different types of Retreats are offered. Some examples are:

Inner Healing: Healing the physical, psychological and spiritual areas of life.

Visions & Dreams: Understanding how God speaks and directs our lives through dreams and visions and Holy Scriptures.

Spiritual Gifts: Understanding the Spiritual Gifts and learning how to identify and use them in everyday life.

Life in the Spirit: Offered in differing programs, (i.e., 1 day a week for 6 weeks or a weekend, Friday evening to Sunday). In depth teaching on Spirit Filled Living.

Sacramental Retreats: Offered to those participating in preparation in the Catholic Church.

Days of Reflection: Offered for any group. Topic can be given or chosen by Director. Can be used for staff/employees or groups.